Australia is a very diverse country geographically and a hot spot for tourism. Opaque tropical rainforests, infinite sunbaked scopes, magnificent southern beaches, lush natural beauty, never-ending vastness of land filled with so many thrilling things to explore and discover; these are just some of the words to describe an astonishing Australia travel.

An Overview of Australia for Travelers

Australia is its own continent, the only country in the world that can say as much. It covers roughly 3 million square miles and is about the size of the continental United States. The capital is Canberra, but Sydney is the biggest city with 4.2 million people. The climate of Australia is extremely dry inland with more temperate conditions along the coast. The population centers are primarily along the coast due to soaring temperatures inland.

Australia was originally inhabited by Aboriginal tribes. In 1770, Captain Cook claimed the land for Great Britain. In 1788, the first colony was established in New South Wales. Most of the colonists were convicted criminals from Great Britain. Gold was discovered soon thereafter and Australia became a destination for immigrants seeking fortune and a new start in life.

On the far northern coast, Australia is home to one of the amazing sites in the world. The great barrier reef is a water enthusiasts dream. With incredible plant life, the reef is world renowned as a diver’s paradise. A watchful eye is advised given the presence of the Great White Shark in the area.

Australia is a Commonwealth. The federal powers are mapped somewhat after those in the United States, but no bill of rights exists. Unlike the U.S., the individual territories retain significant authority over their own affairs.

Australia was often considered the forgotten country. Long distance transportation changed that designation. Now it is one of the hottest tourist destinations year in and year out.

Australia travel is possibly one of the ‘best’ in the world, although the best may mean a variety of things to different people, it’s always a fact that visitors who travel to Australia have two common things on top of their list “the Great Barrier Reef” and “Sydney Opera House”.  And indeed both are top places to visit that puts forward the ultimate blend of Australia travel, a natural wonder and a man made marvel.

The greatest attraction of Australia is perhaps its natural beauty.  Magnificent sceneries, most bizarre wildlife, glorious beaches, astounding oldest rainforest, and magnificent sunny weather that lights up everything into one awe-inspiring panorama, creates a unique experience of every Australia travel.

Much of Australia’s character is its absolute immensity and assorted population. Although it is one of the sixth biggest countries in the world, it has the lowest populace with only about two people per square kilometer. However, that does not affect the astounding facets that Australia has to offer visitors from all over the world.

The country is a fascinating contrast of amazing places to visit with, one of its kind flora and fauna like nowhere else in the planet, a stretch of coral reefs from north to south and east to west, and the countless other fantastic things to learn about.  One can visit deserts, or water raft, or climb the rugged mountains, or sail the clear blue waters.  There’s always something to see and do whatever part of Australia is visited.

The cities are a blend of fun and excitement as well; when the sun sets, it buzzes with al fresco cafés, nightclubs, and live jazz and rock pubs. Some of the world’s luxurious hotels and resorts catering to every visitor’s tastes, from single to romantic couples, to families and groups, it’s all here.  The cities are a combination of European passion for art and cuisines with a relaxed adoration of sport and the outdoors.

There’s nothing like an Australia travel, packed with total diversity and whole new excitement blended with the finest of nature, in the biggest island of the world. Best of all, anytime is a great time for Australia travel, as the climate is generally agreeable any time of the year.

Planning a trip to Australia

To get the most out of traveling to Australia, most people plan the trip for a year or more. The continental land mass of Australia is quite large, and many travelers want to see as much as possible in the time they are in country. Planning ahead allows people to save money on stellar lodging selections and transportation, and arranging for special accommodations could make the trip a once in a life-time experience.

Some travelers want to visit several regions of Australia to get a feel of this gorgeous island paradise. Some will be lovers of the ocean and will find that the Gold Coast is a paradise for surfers, and they will typically select accommodations that are situated directly on the beach or with an overview of the coastline. The sunsets are magnificent on the Eastern Australia shore and making reservations many months ahead of the desired travel time will ensure that there will be ample room choices.

Certain destinations in Australia are centered around business and commerce, but feature holiday accommodations that are perfect for large families. Travelers have the opportunity to switch between accommodations like rustic cabins in the Outback wilderness setting, and luxurious resorts that offer stellar fine dining facilities. A travel can plan and budget travels with the help of a planning calendar and know that when the expenses for travel will be worth every penny spent.

For travelers planning to enjoy the rustic flavor of South Australia, the Kangaroo Island area would be perfect for those that desire to experience a return to nature. The accommodations at cottages, motels, and lodges in this South Australia region fit in well with the unspoiled land areas and many travelers want to experience at least a week in the bush with the option of spa baths and luxury living only moments away.

The South Australia vacation cities are Adelaide, Adelaide Hills, Riverlands, and Kangaroo Island. Adventurers can explore the Eyre Peninsula, Clare Valley, Yorke Peninsula, or the Flinders Ranges where the Outback awaits. Travelers will plan some time in the Fleurieu Peninsula, the Limestone Coast and Barossa Valley and know that they have tasted the best of what the South Australia region has to offer.

For travelers that want to venture into the interior land regions of Australia, the route inward could begin in the Northern Territory, where travelers could plan trips to cities like Darwin which is on the top end of Australia. To reach the Central region of Australia, travelers will need to book accommodations in cities like Tennant Creek, and follow the roads to Alice Springs, and Ulluru to scratch that portion of Australia from their travel map itinerary.

There will always be certain points of interest that no traveler to Australia will want to miss. Tourists always include Sydney, Melbourne, or Perth on the travel planners, but learn by comparing prices, that they can get a full flavored trip if they include a visit to the Blue Mountains, or Coffs Harbour where very few footprints are left in the sand. The Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, and Byron Bay will allow vacationers to get their fill of the ocean from many viewpoints and take many memories home.

More about Australia

Situated between the Indian and South Pacific Oceans in a geographically misunderstood region of the world called Oceania, Australia is a continent nearly twice the size of Europe and also an independent nation made up of six states and two territories. The literal continental size of the country makes for travel that is diverse and exhilarating without the hassle of ever crossing a single border!

Australia has been inhabited for an estimated 45,000 years with the first recorded European encounter with the landmass not until 1606. In 1770, the English navigator James Cook claimed Australia for Britain, but it was not until the gold rush of the 1800s that Aboriginal tribes were really harmed by Europeans who were drawn into the depths of the continent’s formidable Great Dividing Range where natives had since thrived undisturbed. Today there are many trading posts, such as Alice Springs, where Aborigines sell traditional artwork and musical instruments such as the popular didgeridoo.

Wine, Waves, and Whimsical Wilderness
Most travelers anticipate a visit to the Sydney Opera House, a wild ride through the outback and then a dive at the Great Barrier Reef, and most visitors experience an abrupt awakening to the sheer depth of Australia’s wonderful attributes and activities as well as the great distances that would make such a trip lengthy at best. Southwestern Australia is a fantastic wine-producing region, with harvests including Australia’s own Shiraz. Visit the popular Margaret River area for delicious reds or take a drive along the nearby coast and surf some of the best waves in the morning while making a leisurely afternoon of wine tasting in the quaint coastal towns along the way. On the path of indulgence, make sure to enjoy some truly authentic Aussie cuisine like slow-roasted kangaroo or emu, and don’t shy away from the Moreton Bay bug, which is actually an exceptional species of slipper lobster native to Australian waters.

Witness firsthand the versatility of the Aussie landscape by venturing north to the coastal Daintree Rainforest in the wet tropical region near the festive city of Cairns and the northern tip of the Great Barrier Reef. Some of the world’s oldest rainforest stands in Australia’s tropical north while ski resorts garnish the eastern Snowy Mountains outside of cosmopolitan Sydney and the semi-arid Flinders Ranges in the south represent the last of the quintessential Australian outback, complete with crocodiles and wallabies. Tasmania, Australia’s giant southern island, is often considered a miniature Australia with all of the spectacular sights in a fraction of the size. Most notable is the intense backdrop marked with jutting peaks, plunging crevasses and glacial lakes of Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park.

Whether you travel to Australia for the rugged adventure of the outback or the richly multicultural and ultra-hip global scenes of Melbourne and Sydney, the deluge of opportunities available upon arrival are sure to turn your initial itinerary on its head. Not to mention, Australia is an excellent jumping point from which to discover the many tropical island-nations of Southeast Asia to the north.