China is often left out of discussions of early civilization which is a mistake since it was one of the first. If you are taking a trip to China, here is some background information your should know.

An Overview of China for Travelers

The official name of the country is the People’s Republic of China. China covers a land mass of over 3.7 million square miles, making it a large country indeed. The capital is Beijing. Other major cities include Shanghai, Tianjin, Shenyang, Wuhan, Guangzhou, Chongqing, Harbin, and Chengdu.

With such a massive land area, you can image that there is a wide variety of terrain in the country. Generally, one can find plains, deltas and hills in the east, while mountains, high plateaus and a vast desert exists in the west. The climate ranges from tropical in the far south to arctic cold in the far north on the border with Siberia, Russia.

The people of China are known as Chinese. The most recent population study put the total number of Chinese at over 1.3 billion people, more than four times as many people as found in the United States. Population growth, however, has slowed to roughly half a percent annually. The reason for the slow down is very controversial. Concerned about economic strain caused by population growth, China has implemented a policy of allowing for only one child per family with some minor exceptions. Enforcement of this policy is supposedly done through fines, but forced abortions are known to occur despite government policy opposing them. The government hopes to stabilize the population at no more than 1.6 billion people through 2050. The current infant mortality rate is an astonishingly high 25.5 per 1,000 births.

Ethnicity in China is a hodgepodge issue given its vast size and long history. Han Chinese is the dominant group, consisting of over 91 percent of the population. This is a very loose group, however, as evidenced by various dialects of language in the country. There are seven major Chinese dialects and literally hundreds of localized dialects. Mandarin is the dominant dialect, spoken by over 70 percent of the population in one form or another. That being said, only 60 percent of the Han Chinese can speak it with the remaining 40 percent speaking other dialects. In addition to Mandarin, languages spoken widely included Turkic, Korean, Uygur, Tibetan and Mongolian. It is often said that people in one part of China can’t communicate with people on the opposite side.

From a religious perspective, China is officially atheist. That being said, it takes a lax view towards faiths that work with the government. Buddhism is the largest faith with over 100 million practitioners. Taoism is the second most popular. There is a smattering of Muslim and Christian believers, but nothing significant.

Natural And Man-Made Wonders

China is a beautiful blend of natural beauty and man-made architecture. Nature here is bountiful with magnificent mountains of Guangxi Zhuang, deserts like Xinjiang and rivers as Yangtze. Man has erected splendid structures like ‘The Great Wall of China,’ beautiful bridges, structurally planned buildings and other monuments. This makes it one of the worlds most sought after tourist spot and the reason for people to travel to China.

Getting and Staying There

While planning to visit China, it would be wise, if you take a tour package for travel to China. However, be sure to do some research of your own, so that you can choose a suitable tour. While in China, you can go around by road, train or even by air. Accommodation is available to suit all budget and taste.

Places to Visit

Beijing, the capital of China is a must-see during your travel to China. Cities of Hangzhou and Suzhou are extremely beautiful. The most popular destinations in China are: The Great Wall of China, which is one of the seven wonders of the world; Tiananmen Square; the Forbidden City of China, the famous temples of Shibaozhai and Yangtze River, which is a very astounding natural marvel. Boat cruise on River Yangtze is breathtakingly beautiful as it takes you through various exquisite Chinese cities and places of historical importance.

People of China

People of China are very gentle, hardworking and thoughtful. Their main religion is Buddhism and Taoism. Most people speak Chinese and local people do not understand English very well. This can cause a little problem for the tourists. Other languages spoken here are Korean, Tibetan, and Mongolian etc.

China is great

China is the land of rich history & has contributed a lot in sphere of philosophy. However, demographically China is the most populous country that they have today followed by India. The commonplace life & activity of the place can be enjoyed by taking on to the streets of the Chinese cities.

The fragrance of fish, lobsters., the sturdy Great Wall, the broken hush of winds by the Martial Arts, the grand museums & unpretentious down to earth people.welcome you to the third largest country on the globe-China. China is universally known not for any single reason. The country has earned remarkable name not in electronics & technology but it also surpasses plenty of countries in its receiving tourists’ attention. The charisma of China is such that people from all over the world endeavor to bask at least two times in the Chinese glory.

A Brush with the Chinese Cities

Like nay other country, China has its own network of cities. But unlike plenty of other cities, the Chinese metropolises are swarming with people. This is because the place has an exclusive charm & unique assets that lure the people all over the world. The first city that hogs limelight besides Hong Kong is the capital city Beijing.

Are you trying to make your way through the bustling population? walking down the street have you encountered the world’s third tallest TV tower i.e. The Oriental Pearl TV Tower? & do you think there’s no end to the place you are in…You have entered the by far the largest metropolis of the world-Shanghai. Along with these magnets, The Tomb of Emperor Qin Shi Huang-Xian where this foremost emperor of China is believed to be yet lying in a single piece is a site that summons plenty of visitors. The Shanghai Museum is worth visiting to view some unique relics of China. The place can be a center for a thrilling nightlife. There are beautiful night clubs & bars, Caribe Bar being a frequently budding four. Some vibrant streets of Shanghai are a perfect place to shop. From sparkling glass items to exclusive china-ware, everything is at hand.

Beijing is one of the wonderful cities that can keep all its visitors glued to it. two times you decide to step in this city, scores of attractions await your encounter. The pleasant weather of Beijing is a nice reason to go for a stroll & water & other games in the Beijing Amusement Park. As shortly as you enter the place, get ready to discover the child in you for the rides like roller coaster, bumper cars, paddle boats etc. won’t at any cost let you to ignore them. Beijing also hosts a recreation center popularly known as The Beijing Recreation Center. This center invites people of all age groups for there are multitude of games like poker, bowling, electronic golf, squash, tennis & billiards. The discotheque, fitness room, sauna & mah-iong room are added pulls. The Summer Palace (Yiheyuan) at Beijing with its archaic temples, pavilions, huge mansions, lakes etc. make a superb picnic spot. Your vacation can be an experience of fun with learning when you enter the eminent Beijing Museum of Natural History. Also to behold is the China Aviation Museum that lies on the outskirts of Beijing. This museum has about 200 planes & the aircrafts etc. used during the World War II. Finally shopping in Beijing can be enjoyed two times you take on to the Wangfujing Business Street of Beijing. From here you can take home books, amazing handicraft items, medicines, electronic gadgets & almost everything you need in your routine life.

The Sites Globally Known

The glorious city oh Hong Kong needs no introduction. it’s already established itself as the Asia’s world city. plenty of attractions of the place also include the Hong Kong Space Museum that is one amongst the largest planetariums in the world. it is an educational site for children as well as adults that reveal some of the baffling facts of the universe. When it comes to food, generally four cuisines are found in China- Shandong, Sichuan, Guangdong, Fujian, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Hunan & Anhui. Few restaurants in Hong Kong serve ‘vegetarian pork’ & ‘vegetarian chicken’. The dishes made of Soyabean are difficult to be distinguished from the real ones. Hong Kong is an ideal place to shop. The Times Square is a recommendable venue that welcomes you with numerous shops. there’s anything & everything from dazzling jewelry, garments & antiques to sports goods & toys.

The Great Wall of China speaks through itself. Besides the historical significance the site that makes through the wonders of the world, exerts a pull on each & every person that comes to China. The Grand Canal of China that has 60 bridges & 24 locks has always been a center of worldwide attention. Not to be forgotten is the Mt. Huangshan that is known for its deformed pine trees & springs. You can trek up the Mt. Huangshan or take a tram to have an exotic & breathtaking view of the mountain as well as the entire China.

Yangtze River Cruises

Yangtze is a river of epic proportions, stretched across miles over the China mainland from its origin in Qinghai Province to the East China Sea, making it the third longest river in the world behind the Nile and Amazon. A journey along this river provides the most rarest and beautiful views of Mother Nature, exquisite wildlife, scattered industry belts, and some of the biggest cities and towns in the country. If there is a river in China to take a cruise along, this is that river!

Yangtze River Cruises are rated as the best available in China – and in world as well – and the biggest advantage of choosing to traverse the river in a cruise liner over the conventional modes of transport is that the entire journey is not at all taxing and exhausting. There are no frequent needs for packing and unpacking of the bags nor are there any unending queues in front of verification counters. Once on board, you can place your belongings in your room and focus on enjoying the journey rather than carrying it all along wherever you go. Further, all document related aspects will be handled by the managerial staff of the tour company sponsoring the cruise. The travelers need not have to worry about such technicalities. Also the facilities offered in the cruise liners – such room service, spa service, entertainment, workout facilities, medical facilities and the mouth watering cuisines in the restaurants – are simply top class, at par with the standards offered by the five star hotels in Shanghai or Beijing.

In short, a traveler on the cruise can enjoy the journey without any worries, in a leisurely pace, on his/her own terms, without getting bogged down by the thoughts of ‘what next’ or ‘where on earth I am’? After all, we all undertake pleasure trips for sheer pleasure and not to entertain any worries.

For the best Yangtze River cruises, take few minutes to browse the various travel websites and it won’t take too long for you to find out a tour schedule that matches your convenience and budget. Select a suitable one and you won’t be disappointed at what you see and experience during the days in the cruise liner. Be prepared for the river cruise of your life!