From the Biminis in the northwest to Great Inagua in the southeast, The Bahamas is a blissfully tropical stretch of about 700 islands and cays in the Atlantic Ocean. The tropical and subtropical paradise is quite literally a vacationer’s every dream all within the single sovereign country of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas. Catch your airfare to the Bahamas and dive into the resort life or island hop to adventure this season!

Travel to the Bahamas is quite simple due to its proximity to the U.S. coast of Florida. Airfare to the Bahamas is most common through Miami International Airport, although many major airlines now fly direct to Nassau. From there you can catch an island jumper to any of the Bahamian islands. Travel within the Bahamas is just that easy; for excursions from Nassau you may jump on a ferry to any of the outlying and far more peaceful islets.

White Sand, White Sails, Why Not?

The Bahamas is quite possibly the quintessential getaway for most of the United States, Canada, Europe and South America. The booming cruise ship industry makes a large portion of its voyages to the islands, typically leaving port from either Miami or Fort Lauderdale and stopping on New Providence and a small handful of other islands. For more of a land-based stay, book yourself an all-inclusive week in one of the many luxurious resorts.

The island of San Salvador offers several secluded retreats catering to the romantics, as well as its own slice of famous history. Often referred to as Columbus Isle, this is the first piece of New World upon which Christopher Columbus dropped his anchor. Though this may not be a celebrated moment among the locals, it is still historically significant. Crooked Island is also a wonderfully wild stop in the Bahamas. Rugged coastline gives way to thick greenery rich with endangered birds, butterflies and even some flamingoes. The island also boasts ‘the world’s largest swimming pool,’ in the form of the crystal clear shallows of Bathing Beach.

Speaking of the pink creatures, make a trip to Inagua National Park to view the largest breeding colony of West Indian flamingoes in the world. The park is centered about Lake Rosa, where hundreds of exotic birds dominate the shimmering waters. For even more adventure, discover the limestone openings to the longest underwater cave system in the world against a picturesque backdrop of golden dunes and turquoise waves on Grand Bahama’s Lucayan National Park.

Bahamian Bon Voyage

The unique wonders of the Bahamas are seemingly countless. Although most travelers stay resort and beach bound, it is clearly worth anyone’s while to explore the natural gifts and cultural diversity of these islands. From world-class divers to professional deep sea fishermen, the Bahamas is not short of sport and recreation. While the capital of Nassau offers all major city amenities, the towns of the southeast islands are far more intimate and socially diverse, rich with Caribbean fare and regional specialties. Get your feet in some white sand this year.

Luxury on Andros Island, Bahamas

Are you up for a little eco-luxury? Tiamo, an earth-friendly resort made up of a row of wooden cottages that are chic and simple at the same time, provides the ultimate in Caribbean luxury travel. Scattered along a quite strand of white powder on Andros island in the Bahamas, this Caribbean luxury travel resort is surrounded by orchids and giant lizards and offers nothing but relaxed comfort and ecological correctness. This Caribbean luxury travel resort offers the perfect antidote to the Caribbean’s more familiarly hedonistic piña colada and party resorts. At Tiamo, the Caribbean is reduced to barefoot luxury – polished and refined yet set in an environment that can only be described as natural.

Out of all the Bahamian islands in the Caribbean region, Andros is one of the less well-known. And yet, its subdued allure is what makes it even more appealing as a Caribbean luxury travel destination. With an area of 2,300 square miles and home to only 8,000 people, it is one of the least explored places in the western hemisphere.

However, don’t even for a second think that Andros is just one of those dime-a-dozen island destinations which the Caribbean is full of. Andros is the largest island in the country so you have plenty of grounds to have fun and enjoy the warm Caribbean sun. And because the island is yet undeveloped, there are few phones, few bus lines, and other facilities that could distract you from your relaxing vacation.

In truth, the island is not just one island but a group of islands tightly meshed into one archipelago. With its rocky shores and a web of creeks, this Caribbean luxury travel destination has never offered the kind of obvious harbor found on other Bahamian islands so, apart from the odd fishing lodge and Caribbean luxury travel retreats, development has largely bypassed it. However, what has made the island unsuitable for urban evolution makes it perfect for eco-tourism.

The Caribbean luxury travel resort of Tiamo is remote, even by Andros’ standards. Set three, road-less miles from the nearest village and surrounded by palm trees, banana plants, orchids, herons, tiny tree frogs, and some vicious mosquitoes, Tiamo is only accessible to guests by boat. Relying on its solar power system and solar-heated rainwater showers, the resort stays true to its ecological philosophy but at the same time offers you with an idyllic retreat is incomparable anywhere else.

Tiamo’s wooden cottages come with massive beds, hand-painted “do not disturb” signs, brightly tiled mirrors and showers lean towards safari-chic, especially when taken in with their painted, corrugated-iron walls. And in a clever twist on recycling, even the wood left over from building the cottages were used to build this Caribbean luxury travel resort’s funky outdoor furniture.

But while the interiors are outstanding, the main features of all the cottages though are their open porches. They have fans rather than air conditioning, but you don’t need to worry about the heat. The open sides of the cottages are designed to help keep temperatures down. Climate control aside, the real beauty of these porches is that they offer you panoramic views of the forest and the beach.