As an island situated in the Indian Ocean, it should not come as a surprise that Mauritius contains some of the most beautiful beaches in the entire world! It should also not come as a surprise that each is unique in its own way, and each has much to offer. Whether you want to spend your entire trip at one beach, or visit every single beach that this island has to offer, you can be sure that every moment you are at the beach will be permanently etched into your memory as the most enjoyable beach vacation that you have ever experienced.

On the island of Mauritius, you will find much important evidence of blended cultures.  The influences can be seen in the tasty varieties of food, heard in the language and music, and experienced in the activities that are popular on Mauritius.  The beautiful, exciting sense of style that is exhibited in all of these factors will make your Mauritius vacation an adventure in culture.

When the Chinese, Dutch, Indian, French, and other cultures have all had their place in the history of Mauritius, one of the most delightful results is in the island’s foods.  Indian curry, Chinese noodles, beans and rice, and Creole fare are all widely popular.  The American influence has made its way to the island, however, as you will see with some of the same fast-foods that are well-known in the United States.

Whether your preference is for participating or being a spectator, the island has much to offer.  Even your shopping sprees will be an experience in culture, as you can find traditional artwork and many other reasonably-priced treats, all with the special flavor of Mauritius.

On Mauritius, the old and the new and the peoples of many different backgrounds all come together in a way of life which is both exciting and serene.  When you choose this lovely island as your vacation destination, you will have the chance to experience it all first-hand.

The beaches of Mauritius

The beaches of Mauritius have the warmest, most sparkling white sand that you will ever see!  From the sand, you will revel in the beauty of the vast ocean in front of you, its warm, crystal-clear waters absolutely perfect for a swim, exceptional photography, as well as taking it all in as one of the most spectacular sights that you could ever see.

When you choose a Mauritius vacation, you will see that these beaches are located all around the island itself;  and you will also have the option of taking a boat to the Ile aux Cerfs, a small island off of Mauritius’s east coast which has beautiful blue lagoons and beaches of its very own.

Make your vacation an eco-vacation

The unspoiled beauty you will find here on this island is beyond compare!  You will have the opportunity to not only view but also explore  one of the most beautiful natural environments in the world.  Whether your taste is for photographing the vast mountains, walking through the forests, or taking a little adventure in the waterfalls, there is nothing quite like the experience you will enjoy on Mauritius.

The plant life that you will find in the Botanical Garden cannot be found anywhere else.  You will see a wide variety of exotic plants, as well as some of the most spectacular palm trees anywhere in the world.  The enormous water lilies are of the most breathtaking plant forms that you could ever see! The Botanical Garden, which encompasses sixty acres, is one of the most famous of its kind worldwide.

Wildlife is also in abundance on Mauritius.  Deer, boars, and tortoises are only a few of the wildlife highlights which you will encounter on the island.  While you may take part in a bit of game hunting if you wish, you will also see that the wildlife of Mauritius will provide wonderful photographic opportunities.

Top activity is a Blue Safari

The highlight of a Blue Safari is the Big Blue Submarine.  Begun in 1998, this submarine will take you and other passengers deep into the depths of the Indian Ocean where you will have the chance to view up close, through the huge observation window, all of the fascinating marine life of the ocean.  While you are taking in the extraordinary sights of underwater life, you can also be treated to a nice meal aboard the submarine.  It is unlikely that you will ever experience anything quite like your trip down into the Indian Ocean on one of the Big Blue Submarines!

The Blue Safari also offers another option; it would not be surprising if you decide that you want to try both!  With the assistance of a fully-trained and qualified guide diver, you can have the chance to pilot your own individual subscooter three meters down into the Indian Ocean.  Not only will you be able to view all of the life forms that you will see during this amazing adventure, the opportunity to pilot a subscooter into the ocean will be an exhilirating experience in itself! The two-seat subscooter will give you a feeling that you have never had before; it is truly a once-in-a-lifetime adventure!

Although Blue Safari has only been in business for less than a decade, thousands of people have already enjoyed the thrill of the submarine and subscooter experiences.  While it is not suitable for very young children or people who have serious medical conditions, it is an experience which nearly everyone else will delight in.

Mauritius for children

Mauritius’s Wild Adventure Park is a theme park that your children will love.  It is quite possible that you will enjoy it as much as they do! Of course there are theme parks at nearly every travel spot in the world; so you may be wondering what makes Mauritius’s Wild Adventure Park so unique, what makes it the theme park that your children simply must see, and will long remember? The answer to this question is that the Mauritius Wild Adventure Park is actually located in a tropical forest, giving your children the chance to participate in hands-on activities in the jungle. Unlike many theme parks, the Mauritius Wild Adventure Park is not designed to look authentic it actually is authentic; and this is a feature which you are not likely to find in any other theme park anywhere.

Your family vacation on Mauritius will also give your children learning experiences which to them will seem much more fun than educational.  The 7 Coloured Earth is one attraction that you and your children will not see anywhere else.  If you have never seen the amazing blends which account for all of these different colours of earth all in one place, you are sure to be thrilled with its unexplained beauty.

There are many other features which will make your Mauritius vacation the best possible choice for your family trip.  You and your children alike will love St. Anne Chapel and the Hindu monastery that you will find near the village of Chamarel.  Tortoises and wild monkeys abound in this area, so you will not be without the fascinating presence of wildlife, even when you are touring the souvenir shops and enjoying a meal or snack.

Experience the holidays seasons in Mauritius

One of the nicest ways to vacation is to experience your destination’s holidays and celebrations during your stay in the area. Mauritius religious holidays contain festivities which many tourists enjoy; if you can schedule one into your vacation, you will surely appreciate the once-in-a-lifetime experience.

If your trip to Mauritius will be at or near the beginning of the regular calendar year, this is the time-period that will give you the most options for experiencing a religious festival.  As there are two Hindu observances as well as the Chinese Spring Festival all during the first two months of the year, your vacation will be chock-full of interesting, exciting festivities for you to enjoy and always remember.  The Chinese Spring Festival, with its colorful themes, firecrackers, and abundance of traditional foods, will make your Mauritius vacation a very memorable experience.

Ramadan, the Muslim holiday which is observed all around the world, is highlighted on Mauritius with traditional prayers on Id El Fitr, which is observed in May and June.  Ganesh Chaturthi, observed in September, and Divali, which is held in October or November, are other religious holidays which are observed on Mauritius and would be an excellent addition to your vacation plans.

Whether you have an interest in religious holidays in general, or if you are just interested in seeing and experiencing different ways, scheduling one of Mauritius’s festivals into your vacation plans will be a great way to learn more about Mauritius, its people, and its diverse backgrounds.

Shopping in Mauritius

Mauritius has something to suit every shopper’s tastes.  Not only will you find lovely, original items for yourself, but you are certain to select many others to buy as gifts.  You can have souvenirs that will be perfect to display as lasting reminders of your vacation, as well as items which are practical to use.  You will be happily surprised to find a wide array of clothing, all at the most reasonable prices.

From the beach-style clothing to assorted shirts and pullovers, there is much quality clothing, all with the distinctive style of this island.  Imagine the delight of your friends and family when you bring home such lovely gifts for them all and the prices are so reasonable, you can easily do just that!

The duty-free factor will also make purchasing fine jewelry a joy for every shopper.  You will be amazed at the low costs of all of these exceptional items, including diamond jewelry and watches.  You will be able to treat yourself to something extra-special, as well as select gifts for everyone on your list.

To add to the special décor of your home, you will love the fine art you will find during your Mauritius vacation.  You are sure to want a number of pieces of this original artwork, and considering the prices, you will not have to limit your choices.

Mauritius is truly a shopper’s haven; but your pleasure trip will be more than doubled when you take part in its exciting nightlife.  However long you plan to stay in this wonderful location, you will decide that it is not nearly long enough after you have begun to savor all of the fun that it has to offer!

Golf vacation in Mauritius

Mauritius offers a dozen extraordinary golf courses, all for your playing pleasure!  If you still are not convinced that a golfing vacation is right for you, think about it this way:  This is a sport that you really love, but you may find it difficult to fit it into your busy schedule.  If you are lucky, you might get to spend a few hours on the golf course on the weekend.  If this sounds like your pattern, you do not have to be satisified with just an occasional few hours after a long week at work, you can make your favorite game the central focus of your attention and an unlimited amount of your time.  If this sounds much better, then you are ready for a golfing vacation on the beautiful island of Mauritius!

There are a number of choices which will help you to accommodate your passion for golf.  Whether your preference is for eighteen-hole or nine-hole golfing, there are a dozen of each from which you can select the one that suits you the best.  While most of the island’s hotel resorts have their own lovely golf courses, you may also like to try the huge, gorgeous course at the Gymkhana Club.  Whichever you prefer, you will delight in the well-kept grounds and modern facilities they are a golfer’s dream come true!

Whether you are a golfing expert who wants to focus as much time as possible into the game, or a beginner who will gain much hands-on learning experience from the available lessons, there is a golfing vacation that will be just perfect for you!