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Windandsea Beach – La Jolla


All across the world, there are extraordinary beaches and we found some good videos and vlogs rating these beaches, so here you can see how the beach looks before you decide to visit. You can read and write comments and ratings about the beach experince

Windandsea Beach – La Jolla

Past all of La Jolla’s ritzy homes, hotels, and well known restaurants, lies Windansea Beach. Down the hill, this beach is flanked by surfers and sunbathers on hot summer days. With sandstone cliffs, a sandy beach, and amazing surf breaks, Windansea Beach has been a popular surfing haunt as far back as the 1940s and a gathering spot of the Windansea Surf Club since the 1960s.

The shack on the beach that was built by surfers during World War 2 is now a San Diego Historic site. The beach is also great for body surfing and snorkeling. The north end of Windansea is fairly rocky, with the south being sandier, great for walking along the edge
of the water. You can also enjoy a picnic in the grass next to the beach and bask in the splendid views of the Pacific Ocean.

At Windansea Beach, there are no restrooms. During the summer months, lifeguards are stationed all along the beach, even in some weekends of fall and spring. There are separate swim and surf zones at the beach, with no wheelchair access. When you visit, you can park on the street or try the tiny single lot near the beach.

You can find Windansea around 6800 Neptune Place. From the north, follow I-5 south to the Genesee Avenue exit then head west. Turn left on Torrey Pines Road and follow the road into downtown La Jolla. Turn left on Girad Avenue then take a right on Pearl Street. Take a left onto La Jolla Boulevard then make the right on Nautilus Street and your there.

From the south, follow I-5 north to the Ardath Road exit, Ardath Road will become Torrey Pines Road. Take a left from Torrey Pines Road onto Girad Avenue.  Make a right onto Pearl Street then take a left onto La Jolla Boulevard. Take the next right on Nautilus Street and your there.

Windansea is possibly one of the most beautiful beaches in Southern California – and a great place for romantic strolls at sunset. Parents should use caution with small children at the beach, as the surf often breaks directly onto the shore with a lot of intimidating power.

If you plan to visit the Windansea Beach, you should make sure you get there early. As with most beaches in San Diego, getting there early will help you get the best parking and more privacy when the crowds start to arrive. Windansea is a very amazing beach, and worth your time on hot summer days.

Whistler In 36 Hours


What to see in Whistler on a weekend trip

“Whistler in 36 hours by New York Times

We found a really good and interesting video for you if you are planning a weekendtrip. Discover the city in 36 hours. Learn about the city, the people and the culture in this very good video produced by New York Times. A very good start when planning a trip to the city.


Waikiki Beach – Hawaii


All across the world, there are extraordinary beaches and we found some good videos and vlogs rating these beaches, so here you can see how the beach looks before you decide to visit. You can read and write comments and ratings about the beach experince

Waikiki Beach – Hawaii

Located on the sun drenched Hawaiian Island of Oahu, Waikiki Beach is one of the most famous and well known beaches in the entire world, with luxurious hotels and beach clubs set right on the beach. The famous Kalakaua Avenue, which runs parallel to the beach, offers you a shoppers paradise with fine restaurants and nightly entertainment.

Waikiki Beach is also known for its gentle waves which are ideal for beginner surfers. You can rent surboards and gear on the beach, even take lessons if you have never surfed before.

Catamaran rides to and from Diamond Head are also offered by several different companies as well, with depart times varying. Other activities on  your vacation include kayaking, swimming, and outrigger canoeing.

There are several restaurants located right on Waikiki Beach, such as Duke’s Canoe Club and the Surf Room. When the evening sets in, you can enjoy a romantic dinner while you watch the sun set over the beautiful and amazing Pacific Ocean.

As you travel along the beach from west to east beginning in Diamond Head, you’ll encounter several first class hotels such as Hilton Hawaiian Village, Sheraton Waikiki, Outrigger Hawai, the Royal Hawaiian Hotel, and several others.

While there are several other spots for your beach vacation, few manage to capture the beauty and tranquility that Waikiki offers. Hawaii has long been known for a tropical paradise, with Maui being an excellent example. Hawaii offers several beaches, with Waikiki being one of the best.

Visit Yosemite National Park


Yosemite National Park is one of the most beautiful natural parks in the United States.  With its abundance of diverse sights, from the impressive granite cliffs, to the spectacular waterfalls, there’s nature at her best everywhere you look.

One of the best known must see features of Yosemite National Park is Glacier Point.  This isn’t open year round, but usually between June and November you can guarantee access up to enjoy the magnificent views from the top.  There are many waterfalls in the park, with Yosemite Falls being the highest at just under 2,500 feet.  The best time to see the waterfalls is early summer.  Whilst some of the falls are easily accessible; others take more time and effort in order to be able to appreciate their beauty.

Another popular area of Yosemite is the Yosemite Valley.  This is an area full of breathtaking views – including the El Capitan Meadow, Bridalveil Meadow (with its views of Bridalveil Fall), and the Sentinal Brudge.  If you’re inspired to take a hike amidst all this natural wonder, there’s a gentle 1 mile walk in the Tuolumne Meadows which will take you about 30 minutes.  History lovers will be enchanted with the Pioneer Yosemite History Center where they can walk across a covered bridge, and see exhibits such as horse drawn carriages.  In the Yosemite Valley there are a number of museum/buildings that provide an interesting diversion from the beauty of the outdoors scenery!  Although you aren’t likely to find many bears around Yosemite, it’s not unheard of, but you are more likely to see deer – especially in the early morning.

There’s so much to take in on a visit to Yosemite you’ll need to make sure you have plenty film for your camera, or space on your digital camera card, to record it all.  One thing’s for sure, it’s a place you’ll always remember, and most likely want to return to at a future date!

Visit Hilton Head Island


Located in South Carolina, Hilton Head Island offers a breathtaking, tropical-like atmosphere that stretches across 12 miles of land. Overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, numerous activities and attractions are offered at this exciting destination. Whether you wish to sink your toes deep into comforting sand or would like to enjoy an assortment of outdoor sporting events, Hilton Head makes a worthy location for your next vacation. Below you will find five reasons to plan a trip to this stimulating area:

Championship Golf Courses

Hilton Head is home to some of the best golf courses under the sun. The championship level of play attracts many notable participants in the various tournaments held in the area. For instance, the Harbour Town Golf Links may demand the most expensive in green fees, but allows the average player to share the same course with professionals. This is also where the Verizon Heritage tournament is held in April.


Hilton Head offers 12 miles of beachfront land to explore, offering easy access to the Atlantic Ocean. This is one of the reasons why Hilton Head attracts so many to this intriguing destination. To enjoy the official beach season, each year visitors flock to the area between April 1st and September 30th. A few public accesses to the beach can be found off South Forest Beach Drive, off Coligny Circle, and at the end of Beach City Road.

Explore and Admire the Natural Beauty

The combination of sun, surf, and turf makes extremely inviting natural scenery that creates grassy dunes, lush forests, and tidal marshes. There are plenty of opportunities to explore the beautiful surroundings created by natures best. Hilton Head is considered a barrier island, which is comprised of a headland, beach, surf zone, and sand spit. This is the perfect mixture to provide a much-needed breath of fresh air.

Satisfying Sightseeing

When visiting Hilton Head, a trip to Harbour Town makes for a great sightseeing tour associated with the lap of luxury. This is where multi-million dollar yachts and homes are situated about various marinas. Famous celebrities have also bought into the land in Hilton Head, including singer-songwriter, John Mellencamp and former NBA star, Michael Jordan.

Wildlife Explorations

Hilton Head also serves as a haven for wildlife, so if you enjoy the company of animals, there will be plenty of opportunities to visit with the wild locals. Some of the residents include alligators, large water birds, deer, bobcats, mink, wild boars, the loggerhead turtle, and the bottle-nosed dolphin. To enjoy a guided nature tour and cruise, contact the Coastal Discovery Museum for excursions that visit points of nature interest, such as the Sea Pines Forest Preserve, and the Audubon-Newhall Preserve.

Vilnius In 36 Hours


What to see in Vilnius on a weekend trip

“Vilnius in 36 hours by New York Times

We found a really good and interesting video for you if you are planning a weekendtrip. Discover the city in 36 hours. Learn about the city, the people and the culture in this very good video produced by New York Times. A very good start when planning a trip to the city.


Vienna In 36 Hours


What to see in Vienna on a weekend trip

“Vienna in 36 hours by New York Times

We found a really good and interesting video for you if you are planning a weekendtrip. Discover the city in 36 hours. Learn about the city, the people and the culture in this very good video produced by New York Times. A very good start when planning a trip to the city.


Video Guide – Visit Scotland

Video Guide – Visit Scotland

Get inspiration for Scotland

The charisma and aura of the European country Scotland is unknown to none. It is the land, which was a surface to numerous significant historical battles, is the mother of cherished sport ‘golf’ and is globally appreciated for its Balmoral Castle and Scotch whisky. Scotland is blessed with a rich history, culture and scenic splendor. It is one amongst the most admired places on the globe today. Geographically, Scotland is bifurcated into three regions- Southern Uplands, Central Lowlands and Highlands. These regions adjoin different places and comprise of different landforms for instance by way of river valleys the Southern Uplands act as a link between the country’s central plain and England border.

The Scotland Activities

• Since time memorial golf is an immensely crucial activity in Scotland. Infact the golf sport originated from this very European country. The Highlands region of Scotland nestles some of the prominent golf courses in the world. There are around 540 golf courses in Scotland. These are variously scattered in Northeast, Southeast, Southwest, Historic Heartland and Central areas of Scotland.

• Cycling and bike riding is another cherished pastime in Scotland. The enthusiasm for cycling is such that many tourists hire bikes to explore this divinely beautiful place. The Glencoe, Galloway region and the Isle of Skye are perfect spectacular riding places.

• The exclusive Scotland attractions are the Heavy and Light Athletics. Heavy Athletics includes games that demand muscle. These games are stone, weight and hammer throwing, sheaf tossing and so forth. Dancing, sprinting, running and jumping are the light athletics sports that basically require an impregnable stamina.

City Look
The capital city of Scotland, Edinburgh is a perfect blend of contemporary and archaic Scotland. The traditional Scotland is reflected from the ancient Edinburgh castles and buildings. While the marvelously constructed hotels, restaurants and thrilling nightlife are the emblems of present-day Scotland. Edinburgh is swarming with people every year for more than one reason. The foremost attractions are the museums of this place. The Royal Museum that houses the first cloned sheep named Dolly, the National Gallery of Scotland along with quite a few national museums are paradigmatic cases in point. Next there are the famous Edinburgh castle, the Royal Mile Street that conjoins this castle and the Palace of Holyroodhouse, the garden of medicinal plants i.e. the Royal Botanical Gardens and the Princes Street, worldwide famous for shopping.

If you want to experience the mind-boggling Scottish Opera and Scottish Ballet, the city of Glasgow is a place ideal for that. Apart from being a home for some of the most noteworthy Scot museums such as St. Mungo Museum Religious Life, the largely acclaimed Museum of Transport and the Scotland Street School Museum; Glasgow is endowed with ample of other lures to woo its visitors. For instance there are primitive constructions like The Pollock House, the Country Black, the Glasgow Cathedral and the Bothwel Castle. These places hold immense significance not just as tokens of an abundant history but also in incurring tourist wealth. Not to forget are Glasgow’s eminent pedestrian shopping streets- Sauchiehall Street, Buchanan Street etc.

Some nitty-gritties

The best feature of Scotland is an easy access to it. Americans can throng this place without any passport. April to September are the ideal months to visit Scotland. So make sure that you get your reservations done beforehand. Scotland does not accept Euro currency. The visitors must get it exchanged prior to their visit.

Tulum In 36 Hours


What to see in Tulum on a weekend trip

“Tulum in 36 hours by New York Times

We found a really good and interesting video for you if you are planning a weekendtrip. Discover the city in 36 hours. Learn about the city, the people and the culture in this very good video produced by New York Times. A very good start when planning a trip to the city.


Travel VLOG, Marrakech, Morocco


Travel VLOG from Marrakech

“Marrakech Travel VLOG

Just beneath the high mountain range of the African Atlas is the red city of Morocco known as Marrakech. With a culture that has grown to be so vibrant, free, and pure, who would have known that this imperial city only started as another pit stop for medieval caravans? However, regardless of its humble beginnings, you’ll still be bound by its magic spell with the warmth of its people, inspiring history, and colorful tradition. Standing in the middle of the red city walls, you’ll know for sure that you’re in for a timeless escape with Marrakech travel. But to make the most out of your journey to this spellbinding exotic destination, here are the top eight things you shouldn’t dare miss on your Marrakech travel:

Relive the memories of the old city.

The 13th century walls that surround the medina is reminiscent of ancient struggles and battles that took place in Morocco. A tour around the age-old fortresses, gates, and tanneries in your Marrakech travel is a good photo opportunity for tourists. Not only that, you’ll also enjoy the inviting spirit of the modern city amidst the well-preserved relics, natural wonders, and architectural pieces of the past. With friendly people and bustling activities around the corner, you’ll enjoy every minute of this experience.

Get lost with the crowd at Djemaa el Fna.

This large square that lies at heart of the old city is teeming with too many spectacles and surprises. From bargain shopping to snake charming, you’ll never have a dull moment in your Marrakech travel. Open your eyes to a lot of things, which include juggling acts, musical performances, as well as belly dancing. You don’t even have to worry about losing your way back to your hotel. As overwhelmingly large as it can be, the square offers a winding escape to interesting sites around the city.

Take a spiritual retreat.

They say that paying a visit to popular trails of mosques, churches, and other places of worship is a wonderful Marrakech travel experience that can be life-altering. However, for those who only wish to satisfy their curiosities, time is well-spent in admiring some of the most exquisite architectural designs in the world. You’ll be stunned how Marrakech was able to preserve the intricate details and premedieval style of these structures but much more, how it preserved its solemnity. The famous pilgrimage for the “seven saints” is also found in this city, while the Saadian tombs is highly recommended by most tourist guides.

Shop and explore its very best.

Popular market stands also known as “souks” offer the best treat for bargain shopping. The bazaar is usually filled with exotic finds such as metal works, wood pieces, baskets, and leather sets– some of which, you’ll only find in Morocco. You’ll also be advised not to end your Marrakech travel without a belt, jewelry, carpet, or any form of clothing that are found in the souk.

Take a journey to the past.

Marrakech is one of the best places to find age-old ceramics, paintings, mosaic, jewelries, and fabrics. Its museums house prestigious artifacts that date back to more than a thousand years. Manuscripts, contemporary arts, and traditional clothing are among the well-preserved collection. You may also take note in your Marrakech travel experience that museums here are not just brick-and-mortar structures but are also adorned with verdant gardens.

Stay in luxurious Riads in Marrakech.

Your Marrakech travel experience will not be complete without staying in the city’s famous Riads. These are residential facilities that top any 5-star hotel in modern cities. With luxurious rooms, overlooking views of the fountain, roof top terraces, and exquisite decorations, Riads are one of the best reasons to stay in Marrakech.

Experience the colorful tradition of Morocco.

Embrace the Moroccan culture through entertainment activities and festivals in Marrakech. The Popular Arts Festival is a good way to add more life to your Marrakech travel adventures. Have a great time with fortune-tellers, fire swallowers, and acting troupes in the culmination of this festivity. Apart from carnival spectacles, you’ll also witness the horse-riding parade known as Fantasia.

Treat yourself to fun-filled activities.

Popular streams of casinos, discos, and bars are found in the city. But remember, alcoholic drinks are not allowed. Chances are, you’ll have to stay sober all night. Apart from enjoying Western hits and Moroccan pop music, your Marrakech travel adventure can never be complete without experiencing a taste of its gourmet paradise. Most cafes and restaurants in Marrakech offer a fusion of flavors from home grown recipes to international dishes.

We found a very interesting travel VLOG showing the sights in the city, are you going on a trip to the city you can start preparing your self for the trip watching this travel video – learn about the city, the sights and its citizens.